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About Us

Type Zero Foundation’s mission is to promote health awareness and physical activity in Central Florida in order to prevent diabetes. We are a certified 501c3 non profit, founded by Christina Martin in late 2016. Christina, a Type 1 Diabetic and dancer, felt the need to address the sandwiched space sitting between diagnosis and treatment. Type Zero Foundation’s aim is to create a space where those who are affected by diabetes, directly or in-directly, are able to come together in mutual empathy and support. Type Zero gives those in the Central Florida community a chance to form their own familial-based support system in order to help navigateĀ the daily life of those affected by diabetes. Type Zero introduces fitness and wellness directly in to the mission by centering activities and community outreach around events, programs, and meets-ups that give persons of all ages and fitness levels an opportunity to let loose and get moving!

Our Core Values:

Support each otherĀ Teach and inspireReach for the stars

Open to changeNon-discriminatoryGoing towards the cure